Are You Ready to Grow Your Instagram Account? Here is How

One of the fastest growing social networks is Instagram, with more than 800 million users and over 8 million business accounts. This mobile-based social network has become a marketing platform for those brands that want to reach a wider network, engage the users and drive organic traffic to their sites.

With more than 60 percent of the users falling between the ages of 18 and 21 years, which gives you a target demographic to engage with. Those companies and businesses that are targeting the young generation are advantaged because they can easily use Instagram to get what they want.

The success of your strategy is more than just posting images on the platform – you need to know how you can use the visual creativity and timely interaction to get your message to the community.

Let us look at a few ways that you can make your marketing plan work on this platform.

Use Hashtags to Get Discovered

Using Instagram hashtags makes it easy to get discovered by other users or brands. The hashtags make it easy to increase the level of engagement on your account, and also allows you to connect with new users, therefore widening your user base.

However, you need to make sure the hashtags are crafted in such a way that other people can discover and memorize them easily.

Perfectly crafted hashtags make it easy for your users to engage with your company, and it helps build the awareness.

Use Automation Effectively

When you need more followers without having to stoop over your phone day and night, you need to use bots.

An Instagram bot is a tool that is specially designed to help you get more followers fast, using the least amount of efforts. Statistics show that for every 100 posts that you like or comment on Instagram; the chances are that only 6 of the users that posted the images might follow you. The only challenge is that you can’t spend the whole day and night following and liking people to get them to reciprocate.

An Instagram bot can help you automatically like, follow and unfollow the people that won’t follow you back, just the way you would normally do. This helps you grow your Instagram account within the shortest time possible. This is ideal, but which bot is the best anyway? This depends upon your needs and budget because these tools are made with different features.


You can easily grow your Instagram account by using the right hashtags and automating some of your actions.