Avoid Wasting Time on Free Web Hosting

Small businesses often hesitate to opt for paid web hosting and initially select free ones. However, there are disadvantages and limitations when it comes to free web hosting, and here are a few:

Wrong Impression

When you choose free web hosting, the URL or the web link for the website will be something like this, “,” which may seem quite silly for those who see it. Not only that, they will identify the company who provided free hosting. If you are setting up a business website, the name alone will give off the wrong impression to readers. Thus, they will assume that you are not taking your business seriously since you are not willing to spend for a paid web hosting. Overall. you may lose out on possible viewers thanks to the domain name.

For you to impress your viewers, it is necessary for you to invest in a proper domain name and business hosting. If you would like to go paid instead, you should read more.

Annoying Advertisements

Free web hosting needs to make money, and that is through ads. Now, inserting ads on your page may be disruptive for viewers. After all, you have no control over what shows up, and that can mean trouble if something inappropriate is displayed.

Closing of Services

If you are utilizing free web hosting, you may want to backup your site regularly. The reason for this is that you have no control over how long the hosting will stay around. As an example, 360 and GeoCities of Yahoo! closed down in the past.

Limited Features

It is quite easy to maximize the features of a free web hosting, and eventually, you will outgrow them. However, that is not the only problem you will have a free web hosting does not allow you to upload a .htaccess file for redirecting the search engines to the new website. Thus, you build your reputation on your free website, only to lose the progress when you switch to paid. Overall, wasting time trying out a free web hosting site may end up slowing you down in achieving your goals.


Free web hosting may seem appealing to startups, but it may also end up wasting your efforts. Furthermore, fewer people are likely to support your business blog since the website name can be off-putting. Also, the service makes it difficult for you to switch sites and they may even close down without notice. Thus, it is best that you opt for paid hosting rather than free.