Choosing the Perfect Laptop

With so many different models and new ones coming up each day, you need to know what you want before you can make the perfect laptop purchase. This is a device that is going to serve you for several years therefore you need to take some time to choose what is right for you.

Before you start the process of choosing the right laptop from you might have to come up with a list of the various uses you will put the laptop to. This way you are sure to choose the features that you need.

For Simple Programs

If you are looking for a laptop to use for simple applications such as surfing the net or office applications, you don’t need such a powerful laptop. You can get all you need from entry-level laptops that just have enough power to handle these applications.

A notebook laptop with a single-core processor and a minimum of 1GB memory should be adequate for this task. An integrated graphics card is essential though, because you need clarity when handling your tasks. If you use spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft excel need you to pick a laptop that has a number pad for easy typing.

Multitasking Laptop

If the main aim of looking for a laptop is to open various programs at once such as instant messaging software, playing video, listening to music and surfing the net, you need a laptop that has a dual core processor with at least 2GB of RAM to make sure you can switch between these programs with ease. The RAM size allows you to switch between the programs without waiting for the programs to load.

You might also be on the lookout for some extras such as a microphone, SD card reader and a built-in webcam so that you can connect your digital camera or transfer files from the phone to the laptop quickly.


Gaming and other heavy programs need a lot of space and memory. You need a powerful laptop paying more attention to the graphics card because it is the most important aspect when playing games. Check out performance reviews of specific graphics cards so that you understand which one will work for you. Get a laptop with a minimum memory of 4GB so that you don’t run out of memory. A minimum of a dual core processor running at 2GHz or faster is suitable.