Explore The Different Materials Used In Making Drill Bits

A drill bit is a small but important thing to be used in our day to day lives. Usually, a drill bit is used with drilling equipment for drilling glass, wood or porcelain. But for every drilling application, there is a separate drilling bit available. Almost every folk thinks that a drill bit can be made by using only one material, i.e. steel. For exploring more about drill bits, just go online as well as log on to

Few common materials used in making a drill bit are given below-

Low end carbon steels – Low carbon steel is one of the most common materials used in making high end drill bits. These drill bits are usually used in making holes in a wood because it is made by using low carbon material which is soft. Hence, it is not appropriate for drilling metal. These drill bits are cheap, affordable and durable. Drill bits made by using low carbon also require maintenance at regular intervals of time. The general maintenance is sharpening edges in addition to point of drill bits.

High end carbon steels – This material is opposite of low end carbon steel. Drill bits made by using high carbon steels can easily drill in any metal or surface. Drill bits made by using high carbon steel are very hard, durable and much expensive. Drill bits of high carbon steels are usually used in big manufacturing units, factories and workshops. Along with their high cutting capacity, it also doesn’t require much maintenance like low carbon steel drill bits.

High Speed Steel – Drill bits made by using high speed steel are so much expensive but also offer exclusive advantages, like high speed steel drill bits can effectively work even on high temperatures, no maintenance needed etc. Such drill bits are used in aerospace along with automobile industries where precision and accuracy matters a lot.

Titanium – it’s one of the rarest elements on earth and drill bits made by using Titanium are used in exclusive tasks. Titanium drill bits are harder and heat resistant than high speed steel drill bits. The main reason behind extensive use of titanium drill bits is strength, longevity, hardness and high-resistance.

Cobalt – it’s another very hard material used in making of drill bits. Along with hardness, cobalt drill bits are also best while operating at high temperatures. Being a hard substance, cobalt made drill bits break frequently.