Growing Your Following on Instagram

Over the past few years, social media has slowly crept into our lives and replaced TV and computers. Previously, the rave was all about the latest movies you could watch, but now the hype is all about who has done what on social media.

Businesses have also not been left behind. The impact of social media on brand awareness rose rapidly, and even before email and SMS marketing could take center stage, social media had declared its superiority.

One of the top social networking platforms that came up and grew rapidly is Instagram. The concept behind this platform was for users to share images without the use of a lot of text, but this turned out to be just what the world desired. Fast forward a few years and the platform has the highest level of engagement, and the numbers of businesses that are opting for this platform grow each day.

Many companies have realized the growing need for numbers on social media platforms, and they are now using automation tools to get new followers, engage their users and grow their brand. Fred on Medium gives you an insight into these automation tools to help you make a decision on which ones are the best to use. But how do you make this even better?

Write Engaging Captions

The captions you use for your images are as crucial as the content that you choose to post. One of the ways you can engage your users is to tell a story using the content that you post. Many marketers make the mistake of posting content without any description to tell the user what is going on.

Make sure you have some description or a few words to describe what is happening in the picture. This also allows you to include tags, which work like keywords, in the post.

Make sure you write insightful descriptions that can share an idea, create a new connection or start off a conversation.

Make Use of Automation Tools to Make the Marketing Easier

An easier way to achieve a huge following is to use automation tools. These tools help you like and follow influential users to grow your online presence. These tools are easy to configure to suit the needs of your marketing efforts, making them ideal for both established and new businesses.

The Bottom-line

Using engaging descriptions helps you to tell your users a story. Additionally, using the right bot makes it easy for you to get the level of engagement you desire.