How to Sell Your Home Quickly

If you’re looking to sell your home and look for another, there are a few things you can do to move the process along a little quicker.

Remember the Basics

When it comes to selling, you have two choices: For Sale by Owner. Or go with a real estate agent.

But in either choice, you have to begin with your home itself. Make sure it’s in top shape, inside and out. A coat of paint or taking up carpet to reveal hardwood floors may mean the difference in selling quickly or selling slowly. Make sure the yard is as manicured as can be. This means you may have to visit Lawn Mower Lane to find the best in mowers, weed eaters, and  hedge trimmers.

Don’t set the price too high. A realistic price is more attractive and will sell faster than one that screams “desperate” or “unfair”.

Start with the For Sale sign. Get one that’s big and noticeable, and put it in a prominent place.

Place your home on internet real estate sites. More and more buyers are turning to online resources today to find the right home for the right price. Potentially, your home will be seen by the entire world. Adding photos of your home and all the rooms, even the exterior and yard, is a must. Buyers want to see the home, not just read about it.

Don’t forget the tried and true Classified ad. You can put a few lines in the paper for just a few dollars. Potential buyers are always scouring the papers when looking for a home.

Adding a picture may cost you a little more, but it may cinch the deal.

Have an open house. It’s sort of like a party for potential buyers. Get your home in the best shape possible, send out fliers and ads, and allow interested parties to take a tour of your home.

Use everything at your disposal: Bulletin boards, free websites, word of mouth, social media, and radio announcements.

Before you know it, people will be calling you to schedule viewing appointments.

If the do-it-yourself method doesn’t appeal to you, go with a reputable, licensed real estate agent who has a vested interest in selling your home: If your home doesn’t sell, the agent doesn’t make a commission. If you aren’t sure which agent to use, ask some friends who they recommend. Some agents work faster than others, while some give more individual attention to you and the sale of your home. Choose wisely.