Important Home Decorating Tips

You can easily transform your home from a gloomy empty space into an exquisite and inspiring place by following the easy rules of redecoration. You may not be a seasoned designer, but knowing the right tricks can help you get the job done with minimal effort. Whether you are starting off or redesigning an existing décor, it’s important to ensure your work meets the guidelines that make decoration an easy and foolproof task. Below are some important tips to help you get it right the first time.

Choose the colors carefully

First and foremost, define your theme and look for colors that best complement it. At this point, you are free to dream and create any design you can imagine. You can as well mix multiple colors to create a personalized design that lights you up. Even so, it’s important to choose your colors with care.

Take into consideration the color of, say your furniture or any other décor inside your home. If you want your walls to match the color of your furniture, look for similar shades to complement the look. In a nutshell, ensure that your color mix up is done in the right manner to enhance style rather than confusion.

A good way to mix up the colors is by applying the 10-30-60 rule. The rule requires you to choose three colors, the dominant, the secondary, and an accent option. 60% of the room should be covered by the dominant color which is normally neutral in nature. The secondary color covers 30% of the room and tends to be a little bolder, thus can be used on furniture. The accent color should be used on rugs, cushions, and other accessories as it covers only 10%.


See to it that the space you are redecorating is well-balanced in regard to comfort and appearance. Your focus should be on creating a symmetrical space through a well-thought pairing of the available furniture. Be creative with the angles and positioning of the sofas, side tables, and chairs.

This allows you to make the best use of the available space but still achieve an outstanding balance. Think of how the arrangement can affect how people enter, move about, or leave your living room, for instance. That way, if there is too much traffic, you will arrange your furniture in a manner to accommodate the traffic flow.


Good interior designs should incorporate different lighting styles. Whereas the windows and the main overhead light can provide sufficient lighting in the room, different styles can complement the overall design in numerous ways. Think of lamps on side tables or accent lighting on cabinets and shelves.