Packaging Tips to Prevent Damages in Storage Units

You may have moved to a small home and don’t desire to dispose things that won’t fit. You can easily put them in storage and also use them, whenever needed.

Before you rent a storage unit consider the following things –

  • How long will you need, as long-term storage requirements may get you discounts
  • Estimate space necessary to save money
  • Rent a space that fits your items and you inside, as you may end up emptying half the unit to get the much needed item stacked in the back.
  • Do you need a facility that gives access 24/7?
  • If you have to store temperature sensitive items then select climate-controlled unit
  • Ask about security measures like alarms, police presence, motion lights, surveillance cameras or fencing
  • Buy insurance for items in storage units

If you reside around Montgomery County, then just go through to find the best storage service providers.

You could hire services like 24/7 access, pest control every month, climate controlled units, payment options, and more.

After you find a trusted storage unit with affordable space, then go for it. Storing your belongings appears to be similar to moving process. It is taxing and time-consuming. Now, it is time to pack things that need to be stored safely for a long time.

Packaging tips to prevent damages in storage units

  • Plastic bags can get ripped or squished or filled with mildew because of lack of ventilation in the units.
  • Proper packing materials and boxes have to be used for professional results.
  • Empty spaces in boxes must be filled with bubble wraps or newspapers.
  • Use small boxes for heavy things like dishes and books. Large boxes for light things like linens, beddings, and blankets.
  • Never overload, and ensure that their shape does not change while stacking.
  • Label the items packed in every box. It makes finding items easy.
  • Lamp bases must be wrapped in padding and the shade and base have to be stored separately.
  • Mark the boxes that have to be handled carefully and stacked with definitive top like lamps or picture frames or glassware, which can get damaged otherwise.
  • Make use of high-quality packaging tape.
  • Good clothes need not be piled but utilize hanging wardrobe boxes.
  • Folding items like bed frames can be disassembled and screws must be placed in plastic bags. Don’t forget to tape the plastic bag with screws to the frame.
  • Records and CDs or other music appliances can be stored in air-tight cartons or boxes.
  • Use dust covers to wrap the computer or TV screens. If these items are stored next to other equipment, then cover them in bubble wrap.
  • Freezers, refrigerators, stoves and other electronic appliances must be cleaned thoroughly, dried, and disinfected,
  • To prevent rust on metal surfaces, lightly coat it with machine oil, before storing to prevent rust.

Make sure to pack and stack your storage unit carefully to prevent damage.