Why Turntables Have Refused to Go Away

One technology that has just refused to go away is the turntable. Though it ought to be in its grave, with grass already grown all over it, the turntable is making a huge comeback that you cannot ignore at all.

And the truth is that vinyl, which is supposed to be buried deep within that grave, is dancing on top of it. And the reasons why turntables are making a comeback are because more and more people are just discovering that vinyl records offer a few things that the latest technology doesn’t offer at all.

Better Sound

There is no denying the fact that vinyl sounds better than current playback systems. It might be hard to believe, but you find that the sound that vinyl produces easily beats the sound that you get from a CD player or from music that you downloaded from the internet.


Using vinyl on a turntable gives you that feeling that you had when you got your first turntable. It also adds some sense of originality to the music that you listen to, making the whole experience unmatched.

The turntables offer the listener a superior way to play music. The music is recorded in an analogue format, and it is then played back in an analogue way as well rather than the digital and recorded way.

The sound you get from the turntable and vinyl is better in quality. You will easily notice the difference between the sounds from the vinyl compared to digital content.

The Experience

The appeal of digital music is just that – it is easy to use and loses the appeal that many music lovers look for – that experience. What is missing from the whole experience is the connection that you get when you use a turntable. No physical connection existed with the turntables a few years ago.

With digital music you lose the process of finding the right record, looking at the cover, removing it from the case, placing it on the turntable, lowering the stylus and marvelling at how the stylus leads to music creation. Check out Vinyl Vintage to rediscover the experience.

In Closing

One of the technologies that are coming back hugely is the turntable. Many people are now buying more vinyl records because they love the quality of sound they get from this technology. They also love the experience and the physical connection they get when they use the technology.